The Tiger

The Tiger is highly regarded with almost magical powers to keep thieves and ghosts at bay. A Tiger is born to command and not to obey. Tigers are charismatic and dynamic. They can be sympathetic, kind, emotional and sensitive.

They are courageous and respected even from those that oppose them. Tigers are fighters and stand up for what they think is right. Tigers are brave, dynamic and independent and when they are committed to doing something, they see it through. Tigers are warm, sincere, honorable and can even be humorous.

A Tiger is tolerant, understanding and generous to a fault when it comes to a good friend. They enjoy a good social life, are sentimental and devoted to their family.

On the negative side, a Tiger is capable of making impulsive decisions and this may prove disastrous. They are generally optimistic but should they sink into a depression, it is harder for them to recover. Tigers can be rebellious and unpredictable, always tense and in a hurry. If you are around a Tiger, do expect a roller coaster ride.

Tigers are also ill tempered and egoistic. They enjoy taking risks but must learn not to rush things without due consideration. They like grand tasks but do not check details. They usually like to operate alone and do not like anyone to challenge them. They hates to obey others and dislikes interference.

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