The Dog

The Dog is a symbol of loyalty and wisdom. It is one of the most likeable signs of the Eastern Zodiac. The Dog values honor and enjoy helping other people.

Dog is loyal, honest and affectionate and has a deep sense of justice and fair play. They are willing to fight for principles. A Dog has great respect for tradition, are moral and are very honest and strait forward.

They are warm and good, active workers. A Dog is also intelligent, intuitive, a good listener and has good judgement.

On the bad side, a Dog tends to overestimate dangers and are sometimes bad tempered when cornered. Sometimes simplistic, suspicious and obstinate. They are not happy in love and hot headed. A Dog is also full of anxiety.

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  • Year of the Boar


    The Boar stands for wealth, family and prosperity, happiness and good luck.

  • Year of the Rat


    Rats are known to be hard-working and thrifty, shrewd and very adroit at handling money.

  • Year of the Dog


    The Dog values honor and enjoy helping other people.

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    A Horse is the heart and soul of every party.