The Rat

Rats are known to be hard-working and thrifty, shrewd and very adroit at handling money. Alert and level-headed, they are gifted with foresight, keen intuition and a fine business acumen that is matched equally by their instinct for self-preservation.

Although they can be tight with their money, Rats are genuinely caring souls who do not take their relationships lightly. They are true sentimentalists who cherish their family and friends.

Rats are prone to get entangled in others' affairs because of their strong emotional attachments. Rats are easily agitated and full of nervous energy, which they are able to contain, since they are not lacking self control. What irritates the Rat most is idleness and waste of time and resources, as waste in any form is contrary to their own industrious natures.

Rats are highly adaptable survivors with an innate sense of danger. They are adept at recognizing and seizing opportunity with little or no reservations about using confidential information or taking advantage of another's weakness or mistakes. Rats perform very well under pressure and are often at their best when faced with a crisis.

Rats are charming, bright, outgoing and have a highly sociable personality. They have a forthright and honest manner and enjoy parties and large gatherings.

Rats have a remarkable eye for detail and very good at gathering information from and about others, although they are excellent guardians of their own secrets. If nothing else, a rat would make a good detective or writer.

Rats can be terrible gossips and busybodies. Their greatest pitfalls will be their avarice and ambition. Rats tend to want to much to soon.

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    Rats are known to be hard-working and thrifty, shrewd and very adroit at handling money.

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