The Snake

The Snake is the universal symbol of evil but the Eastern zodiac, the Snake is not the evil snake we like to commonly like to associate with.

Snakes are intelligent, talented, determined and a great organizer. They are philosophical and good thinkers. Snakes are shrewd and thus make them very good in business. They enjoy the pleasures of life and love to accumulate money.

Sure Snakes are mysterious and tend to keep their thoughts to themselves, but they are also romantic and charming. They have good memories and can bear grudges for many years without ever expressing them until the time is right for revenge. Snakes are capable of lies although they do not do it often, if they do, they feel that they can get away with it.

A Snakes tends to need security more so than others and will never let an opportunity slip by them. They tend to hold others to high moral standards, are stubborn, hate to listen to others and find failure completely unbearable.

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