The Rabbit

The agile Rabbit can leap over and slip around any obstacle in their path. They have remarkable resilience, enabling them to always recover from whatever calamities that might befall them.

The Rabbit is a symbol of longevity and is regarded as one of the most fortunate signs in the Chinese horoscope, deemed the most likely to find happiness and contentment in life.

Those born under this sign are the epitome of graciousness, good manners, kindness, sound judgement, refinement and aestheticism. They are likely to live tranquil lives in a quiet peaceful environment.

Rabbits have artistic natures and are lovers of beauty. They are also extremely lucky in business and monetary transactions, adroit at making deals to their own advantage. Sophisticated and self-indulgent and lovers of leisure, their creature comforts are very important to them, and they always put their own desires first. They value themselves above all else and will discard anything or anyone they find too demanding or upsetting to the much valued tranquility of their existence.

Rabbits loathe discomfort of any sort. In fact, security and comfort could become an obsession with some Rabbits. Although kind and considerate to their loved ones, they can be ruthless in their dealings with outsiders and can demonstrate a fiendish cunning. They are inscrutable negotiators whose thoughts can be impossible to read.

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